Emily Whitman
2 min readApr 1, 2020

My story takes me a little bit all over the place, like an unfamiliar road that winds through the wilderness. It feels like I’ve tried just about every sport, hobby, or study that interested me and there’s still so much to discover. However, no matter which way I turn, I always find myself returning to a creative pursuit.

My main is focus is art, and I find the term so appealing because it can apply to so many things. When I say I am an artist, I don’t worry about confining my work or identity to one specific medium or topic (although I know some critics would disagree). Life is for exploring, learning, and discovering and whether that means digging deep into one topic or skimming the surface of several, I’ll always be a bit of a Renaissance Soul.

Currently, my combined interests have led me to video game development. It’s attractive because it collaborates brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds including art, programming, business, and even writing. After having trouble settling on one specific interest just to make a living, game development provided an answer that saved the sacrifice of many interests for one.

History remembers the lone wolfs, those who, supposedly by their own means, made their mark on the world. However, no one ever succeeds on their own, despite how much they’d like to convince us otherwise. Game production doesn’t glorify heroes but embraces each and every team member as a critical key to the success of a group. Along with the multiple sides to game development itself, the people are what really sealed the deal in my mind. There’s nothing like working closely with others who share the same vision.

I look forward to the people I’ll meet and experiences I’ll discover as I continue further into game development.